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1 - What diet is good for me?
To do a diet to lose weight , we take many factors in consideration such as age, sex, exercise, height, bones, how many diet you have done , health problem, medication, if the client is woman, how man... Read more

2 - What type of diet do you have?
Depends on the factors in the previous question, our professional offers hypocaloric, hyperprotenic, detox, high fiber, diet according to food allergy blood test, diet calculated in carbohydrates, die... Read more

3 - Do I gain the weight back after my weight loss program?
A. Yes, if you don’t follow the maintenance program. B. No, if you follow the maintenance which is a program offered for free by AMC, for three months. This program helps you to maintain your healt... Read more

4 - I have few kg to lose, but in some specific areas, can I work on those body areas?
Yes, a combination of weight loss diet, exercise and machines (working on the cellulite and fat deposit) can reduce fat deposit in some areas such as belly fat, love handles, and hips.... Read more

5 - Should I take medication to lose weight?
In our Center, we have: food supplements, natural products to increase the metabolism, machines such as LPG, and we might use medication. We evaluate each patient and every person is unique. One can t... Read more

6 - My child is overweight, can he / she follow a weight loss program?
Yes, at AMC we have good results with children following a weight loss program. We use different tools to support them in their objective. The important thing for a child is doing a diet in a healthy ... Read more

7 - I want to gain weight, should I do a weight gain program?
Yes, gaining weight without a structured program might be dangerous for your health. You should gain weight in a healthy way. A person can be skinny and might develop high cholesterol levels. We have ... Read more

8 - Will our insurance cover treatment?
Insurance coverage in the United States differs widely by region. In New England, insurance coverage for infertility tends to be more generous than in other parts of the nation, but is regulated by ve... Read more

9 - What if I need specialty care?
Southside Medical Center offers specialty services in the areas of Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Podiatry, General Surgery, and Radiology. We can also refer you to other Specialists if necessary.... Read more

10 - What exactly is a Community Health Center?
Community Health Centers are local, non-profit, community-owned health care centers operating in communities across the nation. For nearly 40 years, the national network of health centers has provided... Read more

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